Sacramento’s Blooming Capitol Park Gets a Drought-Ready Makeover

Sacramento’s Blooming Capitol Park Gets a Drought-Ready Makeover

Sacramento’s Capitol Park is getting a much-needed makeover. In the aftermath of devastating droughts, “California’s front yard” is transforming more than 76,000 square feet of turf — about two acres of the 40-acre park — and replacing it with low-water alternatives such as California-native plants and drought-tough plants such as Buffalo and fescue grasses.

The park’s transformation is part of “Fix It for Good,” a plan created by the Department of General Services in order to create permanent water savings at various water facilities across the state — including the grounds that surround the Capitol. According to The Sacramento Bee, the new, more drought-durable landscaping will be located in the most visible areas adjacent to the building, which draws over 1 million visitors per year.

“The world around us is changing,” said department director Daniel Kim in a statement announcing the plan. “It is critical that we adapt Capitol Park to our state’s new, more arid climate. We want to demonstrate to all Californians how to preserve the historic trees and other beautiful plants in the park while also saving water wherever we can.”

Meanwhile, as spring approaches, other areas of the park are blooming into existence. Drought or no drought, Capitol Park’s abundant roses are ready to burst, just in time for wedding season.

The park features more than 675 bushes in around 165 varieties and is a mainstay landmark for proposals and weddings. Because 93% of brides use the internet to plan their wedding, they may want to stage their wedding photography at the park if they’ve seen shots from their friends on Facebook or Instagram.

But given the new renovation plans, it seems that there will be more than one beautiful place to take wedding photos. And most important of all, park visitors will be able to fall in love with the new drought-sustainable greenery.

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